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selecting your entertainment

Tip #1 - Know your Audience

  • The Beatles are #1 in sales the last two years on ITunes
  • The Beatles music is Family-Friendly
  • Music from the 1960s is Family-Friendly
  • The Beatles and 1960s musical acts appeal to a larger, higher end demographic

Tip #2 - Entertainment vs. Music

  • Are you providing your guests with Entertainment or do you just want music?
  • Studies show that people will spend more time and money for entertainment

Tip #3 - IT'S TOO LOUD!!

  • Professional entertainment will have a sound man who can adjust the sound level to your audience's preference
  • Cheap bands cannot afford one and drive your guests away

Tip #4 - Black T-Shirts & Blue Jeans Band

  • Typical attire for non-professional, low cost bands that cater to a small lower-end demographic